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English Language tuition


Ely Cathedral


Some of our English Language students with their teacher, Nicole.

IELTS exam preparation and one-to-one lessons are available by arrangement – please contact us if you are interested in these options.

General English

General English courses will focus on practical English skills, to help you communicate in day-to-day situations, at work and on holiday. On these courses we aim to build your confidence when communicating with English speakers and improving your fluency and accuracy in the language.

Courses are offered at the levels A1 to C1 according to the Common English Framework Reference, with the option of preparing for Cambridge Examinations B1 Preliminary, B2 First and C1 Advanced, or the equivalent range of examinations offered by LanguageCert from A1 to C1.


Maximum class size – 8

Average class size – 6

Most courses require the purchase of a textbook, priced within a range of £25 - £40, including access to digital resources for independent study.


A1-A2 English for beginners

This is an entry level course, suitable for beginners and elementary students looking to gain a solid foundation in the English Language and gain confidence in using English at an elementary level. On this level, the school offers two options: a course with special focus on Speaking and Listening, and a course covering all four skills following a set scheme with coursebook and regular assessment. As with all classes offered by Lyons Languages, you will receive regular feedback from your teachers and progress reviews.

Where can you go from here? From this level you can progress to level B1


B1 Pre-intermediate/B1 Plus Intermediate

These courses are designed for those looking to progress from the A2 level and progress to an intermediate level of English. This course will enable you to practise all skills, with a special focus on improving communication skills for use in everyday situations, while building on grammar knowledge and accuracy.

Where can you go from here? At the end of this course, there is the option to take the Cambridge examination B1 First or LanguageCert B1 Achiever.

This level is also suitable for the B1 SELT test preparation to meet international visa requirements.


B2 Upper Intermediate

At this level, English learners are considered “confident” and able to live and work independently in an English-speaking environment. This course is ideal for those looking to achieve this independence and further improve their language skills to enable smooth and easy interaction with other English speakers.

Where can you go from here? Many students on this level opt to take the Cambridge examination B2 First or the alternative LanguageCert B2 Communicator.


C1 Advanced

This is the in-depth, high-level qualification that shows you have the language skills that employers and universities are looking for, with the ability to function with a great deal of precision on a wide variety of subjects without preparation.

Where can you go from here? Many students on this level opt to take the Cambridge examination C1 Advanced or and LanguageCert C1 Master.

Examination options

As described in more detail in the course outlines, Lyons Languages offers the option of preparing for examinations offered by:

Cambridge Assessment English from levels B1 (Preliminary) to C2 (Proficiency) ( and IELTS ( These examinations can be booked and taken at one of the Cambridge examination centres (or other locations if preferred), at a cost currently ranging from £90 to £165, depending on the level. We are here to help you prepare for these qualifications, and assist with booking when needed.

We also offer the alternative option of examinations offered by LanguageCert, both for general English (, which can be taken online, or the SELT examinations as part of Visa requirements ( The costs of these examinations range from £50 to £200 depending on the level and skills required.

Dates and times

Monday 6-7.30pm: English for beginners (A2)

Tuesday 11.30am - 1pm: English for beginners (A2)

Wednesday 6-7.30pm: Pre-intermediate/Intermediate (B1) 


For Upper Intermediate (B2) and Advanced (C1) classes, please contact us for details.

There will also be additional (free) sessions for placement tests. These are simple tests designed to assess your level of English, and mean that we can make sure you are on the appropriate course.

We can be flexible on class times, and other times and days may become

available - do get in touch for further information on alternative times.

Please note - our part-time language courses are for over-18s only.


Lessons are in six-week blocks.

Fee (six weeks): £115

Each lesson is 1.5 hours.

An additional fee of £10 is payable on your first booking for an initial placement test, if appropriate.

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